Business automation software

Building automation into your business is the core concept for rapid growth and quick success, all while promoting sustainability in your business. The BSimple platform brings automation to your fingertips by taking the tedious admin work such as inputting orders, calling and SMS’ing customers for orders, chasing people for payment, putting together purchase orders and inventory stocktake.

Inputting Orders

BSimple will train your customers to create there own orders accurately and on time. The automation will regularly reach out to your customers, invite them to order and provide them with their unique order link (1 link per customer).

Inside that link, they will have their custom pricing, order history and payment information. This automation is a hack, in that the system isn’t automating the ordering process, by it is still delivery a massive time saver for you by allowing your customers to order products – no double handling of orders directly!

Bad Debt

How much time do you spend chasing people for payment? Imagine having the ability to charge your customers when they place an order automatically! BSimple has integrated with EWay to allow the BSimple platform to capture the credit card details from your customer and store it securely inside eWAY’s PCI DSS facility via secure API. Once you have a token for a customer and their permission, you can charge that card as required.

Inventory Management

Finally, managing your inventory is always going to be tough. By building some smarts into the BSimple Platform about what products you need to hold in stock and order times/minimum orders (ReOrder levels), BSimple can make this process easier. This will also de-risk your business as it pulls the critical purchasing decisions and operations out of one person’s head (usually the bosses) and into the system. Once you have set it up, and it has been running for a while, the BSimple platform will be able to make highly intelligent purchasing decisions for you to check, adjust and submit (yes, it’s never perfect).