Coffee Roasters Inventory Management

BSimple adapts to help Brewers get their products out into customers mouths.

BSimple is designed to assist any business model that sells a product over and over to another business, aka B2B. By using automation and stacks of business experience built in, as well as a very open mind to building out additional features, BSimple will be able to assist all the Kraft brewers out there with a fantastic software solution.

In fact, the lead developer and thought leader David, has been an avid home brewer for 10 years, so not only do we share a love of beer in common, but there is even some basic knowledge of the underlying processes.

There are 3 core pillars that seperate BSImple operationally from the competition in the Brewing software space.

Cash Flow

As the classics say, Cash is king. Imagine not having to chase your end customers for payment? BSimple can give you the tools to take this headache away. Simply setup an account with EWay, install the API key and instantly your BSimple platform will support Credit Card token payment. This means your customers will be able to safely and securely enter their card details into their page (this is inside the customer area, accessed via the invite to order link). Once you have capture their card details, you can then setup when to collect outstanding invoices. Typically we recommend this is on due date, however you can set what ever you want.

Once the due date arrives, keep an eye on your email and you will get a payment receive confirmation then a few days later the cash will hit your bank. Couldn’t be much simpler right?

Inventory Management

Inventory is boring guys, so let BSimple just manage it for you. The software will tell you what to order and how much to order and will dump out reports for your bookkeeper so you can track your profit month to month.

You can even do tricky things like sell items you don’t have (negative inventory), Unbox a box (into sleeves), show/hide your product, discontinue, temporarily hide (and put it back later). The list goes on and on.


Lets quickly discuss the ordering process for brewers. Spending time calling, awaiting for call backs, chasing email orders etc. the list goes on. This is where your business + BSimple will drive sales and increase profits through giving your customers a simple and repeatable method for ordering securely.

Once your customer gets a taste of how easy it is to order, they will want you to carry more items and buy more things from you (Because its Simple!). You can even do some marketing to them subtle by featuring inventory categories (ie. single batch runs, merch etc). They probably didn’t even know you had those products