Tag Management

Business automation software

Here are some of the common tags we suggest for use when grouping customers:

Weekly Café 

Monthly Café

Fortnightly Restaurant


And maybe some less common ones

Featured customer

Single Origin

Equipment free on loan

Wednesday Delivery

Thursday Delivery


You can see how you can create logical groups inside your customers.

Why do we care about tags?

Well you don’t have to – that is up to you. But there is a lot of power in the tag system and it will give you the ability to build reports about specific groups of customers, launch marketing campaigns to groups, be logical and organised around who you invite to order and on what day.

We really have created a flexible segmenting tool for you inside BSimple.

What is the secret powers?

Sorry, there is no secret power. Just clear and concise segments or groups of customers, and easy mechanisms to interact with those customers. The Send SMS and Send Email is all attached to tags, so the tagging system is required at a base level. I’ve seen some customers just create a “customer” tag and give it to everyone. Each to his own!

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