Food Manufacturing

Coffee Roasters Inventory Management

Of all the verticals that BSimple has applied its business methodologies to, food manufacturing is one of the big winners. The 3 pillars that we present are core and will be discussed shortly, however its actually the ‘just in time’ order collation and matching of this against inventory that means anyone who is producing a product that can spoil overtime can run their business lean and mean using BSimple.

With such an expansive vertical we regularly find that every business has it’s own remarkable issues. Having said that, probably the greatest place where we find time savings in any food manufacturing business is serving the recurrent client with a basic and speedy ordering and consisely getting that request into there hands and invoicing it. This truly is the center business issue that BSimple tackles.

Next you can undoubtedly discover usefulness that the stock administration supplies that might be better than the current product – yes the truth is out, most business who are in the food manufacturing space would as of now have a system for dealing with their stock – anyway I have met one lady who claims to have it all in her mind – Totally insane! We should simply say the stock administration and ordering systems sold it for him instantly.

The first pillar that BSimple solves for a business who does food manufacturing: quick and easy ordering for the end customer. BSimple gives each end customer a unique URL which has their username and secret key built into it. This means no handling usernames or passwords – just flick the link as a text message (through BSimple this is charged at $0.20 per sms).

Next the customer experience is they are presented with an ordering page as well as a ‘load speedy order’. They simply enter the Desired quantity and press order, then confirm. And you guessed it, this page is designed to be done from a mobile, however, it also works great on a computer (of course!).

The second pillar that BSimple solves for the food manufacturing industry is: inventory management! This is a very dry topic for most business owners, they just want it to work. Well BSimple just works but it also gives you tools to fix things whenever you need + gives you the smarts to make great purchasing decisions as well as point you in the right direction when it comes time to shift some old stock. BSimple was designed to be the single source of truth for stock levels, and thus it just populates the Xero Invoices with line items, not actual inventory items from Xero. Seriously, there are a huge amount of things to talk about here, but here are some talking points for when you speak to Dave:

– Search the inventory from Customer Order Pages- Show/Hide products

– Custom products (ie. specific product for 1 or a group of customers, but not others)

– Discontinue

– Categorise and prioritise

– Stocktakes etc.


The third core pillar that BSimple solves for the food manufacturing industry is cash flow $$. Everyone likes getting paid on time. BSimple makes this sooo easy for everyone. Both the end customer and you the business owner. The end customer just jumps into their ordering page, loads and stores there business credit card (hopefully a card with maximum point earning capacity) which is stored securely with Eway who are 100% PCI DSS compliant. Then, you as the business owner dictate the rules for collection and the system will go ahead and automatically charge the card and collect the funds for you. It’s like having your own PA following up each and every single invoice and getting payment!

Now integrating BSimple into your business can swiftly change your business and give you back the time you currently waste on admin. But, and there is always a but, it does take a pretty good upfront time commitment to get it running smooth.

There are jobs you cannot just escape from:

– Loading customer details (hack: maybe we can import from {Xero linkto}?)

– Loading inventory (hack: maybe you can export in CSV from your current system?)

– Assigning images to all inventory items? (Hack: there are no hacks for this sorry)

– Building the correct order items for each customer (hack: this is critical no hacks here)

One other thing to consider is, because BSimple was built by business owners and operators, things may not be exactly the same as you have seen in other platforms. Things may be done a little differently. We welcome you to change our mind on how we have designed BSimple – because id’ be seriously impressed if you or any other platform does something in a quicker or more efficient way!