Building automation into your shipping based distribution of products can be very daunting at first, There are lots of moving pieces to consider and the risk of mistakes can be costly.

Lets breakdown how BSimple can be utilised to maximise the efficiency of your shipping distributions.

From an initial order import, we have a ordering portal that you can offer to your customers. It allows you to customise the list of products they see and this can be used with a username and password from your website or from a special dedicated link that we can generate for each of your customers.

With the inclusion of custom pricing and the ability to search for other items – most people use this system for repeat customers. It’s the perfect platform to drive orders as there is a built in order invitation process where you SMS your customer inviting them to order and including the link for them so its super simple – BSimple!


As Shopify is so popular among online shops, we provide an integration using webhooks. This will import the order details into BSimple. As the invoicing piece of the business process has already completed between shopify and xero directly, BSimple will not handle the invoicing.

Effectively, BSimple will just present a screen which gives a listing of the Shopfiy orders. It will allow you to print the delivery slip and co-ordinate the shipping (with a supported supplier if the integration has been completed).

Once you have completed the pick and pack process, you can approve the order as a shopify order. The BSimple platform will then remove the relevant items from the inventory and mark the order as processed. How simple is that?

Are you ready to scale your shipping distribution business? Talk to BSimple today about how we can ramp you up quick!