MrSoftware (aka Dave) is launching BSimple; which among many things, is an Inventory Management Software. Order Management is also a key feature of the software system as well as CRM and reporting functionality. BSimple was born in the middle of COVID19 hitting Aussie shores, what a perfect storm to release software to the Coffee Roasting industry that can reduce the admin burden felt by managers and staff alike, particularly organisations that haven’t really established systems and leveraged software fully.

Automation is key

Why do repetitive tasks over and over? Automate your business today!

Stocktake on the fly

Record and automatically track the ins and outs of your inventory. Purchase stock within the system when the time’s right.

Curb the Customer Experience

Engage your customers through a simple ordering platform

Order Management Software

SMS and Mail services

Get in front of your customers conveniently.

Integrated invoicing

We leave invoices to Xero, that’s its job.

Business insights on-demand

Whats your Net profit on your top 10 customers? We can show you


We are you.

We got tired of the complexity behind business admin systems and decided to do something about it. Now it’s time to share the love.

BSimple’s founders are sales people, software boffins, and business owners that got together to create ease-of-use systems that make day-to-day admin tasks easy and automated. It’s our personal experiences from within different verticals that gives BSimple a distinct advantage.

We’ve personally built, used, and evolved the core platform for the past 12 years.

Where does it work?

BSimple is currently deployed in several industries from coffee, packaging and telecommunications.


We interface with a custom signup system offering products directly to end consumers


Leverage the simple methodology of interacting with customers for re-occuring transactions


Processing high volumes of orders on a daily basis including purchasing and dispatch business processes


Have lots of stock? That’s ok we have customers with upwards of 2k inventory items

Inventory and Order Management Software for the Industries

Inventory and Order Management Software

for the Industries

BSImple was born out of a need to build software to help with the administration side of running a small local packaging company based on the Sunshine Coast QLD Australia. It needed to assist in managing all the detail around the 1000 odd SKU’s for around 100 customers ordering on a weekly basis.

Once this was nailed, it was expanded to specifically support the Coffee Roasting industry – they have the same customers as the Packaging company funnily enough! This was quite deliberate actually, as the ordering process was really focused to suit someone who was working behind the coffee machine. That barista is usually the owner, purchasing officer, decision-maker and bill payer. When we make their life easier, they generally sell more products, are more successful and buy more products through the software!

Free trial? Sure. Go for it!

What it is in the trial?

BSimple free trial platform

You will be able to fully experience the BSimple platform and have a look around Leads, Customers, Customer Orders, Custom pricing, Purchase Orders, and Inventory.

Things you won’t be able to do is approve invoices and integrate with external API’s.


We’ve created pricing points to suit everyone


For a small or growing business


per month
  • 2 Users
  • Full Feature Sets
  • Xero/MYOB/Shopify
  • SMS and E-mail Services*
  • Inc. 1000 orders per month


For established businesses


per month
  • 3 Users
  • All Features from SML
  • Custom Features
  • Custom Integrations
  • Inc. 2000 orders per month


For a large business or enterprise


per month
  • 5+ Users
  • Extra Users $75pm + 500 orders
  • All Features from MED
  • Inc. 3000 orders per month
  • Extra orders $0.04 each

*SMS interactions are unlimited and priced at a standard rate of $0.20 per SMS

So lets talk about automation, what do we automate and why?

As business creators, managers and owners we actually know what its like running a business for the long term – its boring. That’s why we automated as much as possible so we could do other things that we enjoyed (like writing software).

Examples of the repetitive tasks that we solve starts with..

Customer Ordering

Business process for Customer Ordering (including reminding and data input) through to approving invoice in Xero. Issue a customer their own dedicated Login link – no username or password required. Control which products they can view, and set custom pricing for items.

Stock Management

Business process for ordering stock for inventory, including par levels, stock takes and AI to make it as quick as possible to re-order and deal with purchasing departments.

Customise per Customer

Business process for working on gaining new business, we call it Leads. Take notes, collect details, put together pricing, set reminders and finally a 1 click button to take a lead through to a customer ready to go.

Keep your eyes on the Invoices

Business process for reviving deliveries, including the ability to easily split purchase orders, and update pricing on the fly and handle variances all straight through to Xero.

BSimple makes heavy use of business process and streamlining workflows so that the software feels intuitive and makes completing the regular boring activities as simple and pain-free as possible. That is the MrSoftware way – Simple! Ready for a free trial? Jump in and take a look – or check out our quick Teaser video here to hear from David.

Another quick feature for you that we really need to publish more and more is the ability for the BSimple platform to release you from the debt management pain that you most likely feel. Cafes and Restaurants are unfortunately one of the most volatile industries in Australia with 1 in 4 closings during the current coronavirus pandemic. By giving (and potentially forcing) your customers into using a Credit card to pay your invoices, you will get paid and shift the debt burden to the banks where it belongs. BSimple using Token credit card storage through EWay and is completely PCI DSS compliant. To make use of this feature you will need to signup to EWay through this link.

coffee roasters inventory management

Client Testimonials

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

David has helped us get our business on track with his amazing software and his ability to understand and tweak how we use it. 10/10 would recommend

Daniel Saporita


The BSimple platform is great, I initially used it as a customer and loved the fact that I could customise it specifically for my business. Excellent product, great service.

Aaron Bradley

Slide Coffee Roasters

To me, the process of setting up a new system tends to be dauting and overwhelming. David made it simple and clear by proving the best customer support I could’ve asked for. He is easy to reach and quick to fix any issues. The platform is easy to use and simplifies business to business interaction.

Fiorella Denari

Sipping Duck Coffee Roasters

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