Capture all the lead details you can, obviously most importantly name, business name, phone and email!


Keep a record of conversations, when/where you communicated, key points from discussions


Build a list of prices from inventory for a lead and easily copy/paste it into Excel for modification and supply


User Reminders so you know when the next followup or engagement is due for a lead – don’t let any slip through the cracks!


Billing Details

Xero Integrations

Capture and sync your customer details with Xero.


Mark a customer as a supplier (you will need at least one supplier to add inventory items).


Keep critical notes of engagement with a customer, so anyone in your team can find the detail easily.


Implement your tags to group your customers by whatever category you desire! Maybe consider “feature customer” or “orders Monday”, “cafe”, “school”, “manage assets” etc. – the world is your limit here.


Look at the draft, approved and paid invoices (synced with Xero)

Message History

The BSimple platform keeps a textual respresation of orders (incase of mistakes) and to help you know the details of the device that has ordered (in case of fraud) as well as a method of interacting with the customer directly from inside the BSimple software.

Order links

Each customer will have their unique link, which automatically logs them in! Cool hey.

Custom prices

Load up the items each customer will use, then use the edit button to create custom prices for a specific SKU (as well as a reason, so you remember in the future).


Need to store a contract somewhere? Or some artwork relating to branding for a customer? Use the Files area!


Invite your new customers to input all their business detail (As well as Credit Card) directly into the BSimple platform. Remember to push this new customer to Xero before you can approve invoices for them!

Credit Card & Payment settings

Manage and view the token for a customer, any detail relating to declined transactions and the payment option; Collect on Order, Collect on Invoice, Collect on Due Date, Collect seven days after Invoice, Collect 14 days after Invoice, Collect End of Month, Collect 30 days end of the month.



Print a paper copy of your invoices, useful for pick and pack or supplying with the invoice (And writing on when checking off products at the door)

Delivery Summary

Print a high-level summary of the day’s invoices (need to mark them for a particular day first)

Packing Slip

Print a paper copy of your invoice, without the price and payment details.

Approve Invoices

Push draft invoices through to Xero and email them from Xero!

Order Management

A quick snapshot of your entire customer list, and whether they have


Quickly Confirm back to the customer via SMS/Email that you have processed their order (actual message set in Settings)

Other statuses

Confirmed, Dispatched, Shipped & Closed – use these to help your team track the status of an order as it progresses.

Order management software

Add items

Got a new product? Add it here so customers can search for it, or drop it into their order pages (or even better force it to all through using a category! – Marketing 101 here)

View and Edit Items

Adjust the details for an Item, apply quantity adjustments and view the sales history for the SKU.

Show & Hide

Use Hide to make an SKU not available for search unless it’s been manually added to a customer. The show does the opposite!

Bulk Price Changes

Has a supplier just informed you of a 3% increase on everything? Use this tool to adjust both your buy and sell prices quickly!

Inventory Management


Group the items into categories (similar to tags), used specifically for the Customer Order page to organise the details for your customers on the screen. Set the order they appear in by using digits in the Display Order (0-999+)


Discontinue items you do not want to offer (or cannot offer), and allocate all the existing customers’ order items to a new SKU (the replacement product).

Load Images

Upload images of your inventory item and make it easier for your customers to recognise and purchase

View Customers

Wonder who uses this particular SKU? View all the customers that have it on their order page!

Purchase orders

Create and Receive

Create a purchase order for a supplier using the BSimple portal. This will allow you to select the various quantities of each SKU for a supplier, review and then Send the PO via email to the supplier.

Once you get the products at your warehouse door, use the “Receive” feature to process each SKU, validate the price invoiced and quantity received, make adjustments to prices on the fly and receive that inventory into the BSimple inventory ready for sale.

ai PO builder

Want the system to make the PO’s for you? Let it – it’s cool .

Split PO

Has your supplier split up your PO? No problem just split it in BSimple as well and leave the un-received stuff pending Receive. This helps keep your suppliers honest.

Par Levels

Want to use the AI PO Builder? Then you need to teach the BSimple platform how much stock you need taking into account minimum orders, delivery volumes and seasonal adjustments.

Are you ready for your business automation?


Business details

Configure the BSimple portal with all your customer details

Xero Integration

Integrate and authorise BSimple to hook in with Xero for the specific set of features (Add/Edit Contacts and Add/Edit Invoices)

Branding details

Put your logo and business name here for branding purposes!

Tag Management

Create and edit tags used to group customers and sent SMS/email invitations to order

Category Management

Create and edit categories, used to group items on the customers’ order page and control the order they appear.

Upgrade Subscription

Need to integrate with Xero? Need more Users or more Orders?

Load credit card

When you move to a paid subscription, load in your credit card for automatic payment

Access invoice history

Bookkeeper or accountant hassling you for paperwork? Grab it here whenever you want.

Manage Profile

Set avatar

Put your mugshot on there – makes the BSimple portal that much more friendly

Order management software

Manage Users

Create your staff logins here!

Setup Auto Message Invitation

Once you have set up all your customers, order items (per customer) and Tags, then you are ready to set up the Auto Message invitation which will automate the sending of the invitation!


Gots lots of data to bring? Cool – import it (you may need to tweak the data in Excel, and export as CSV first)

And export your data as you please, maybe do it regularly and keep your backups!

You can also import directly through the Xero API – this is the quickest and cleanest way!