This Payment Policy describes how MrSoftware Pty Ltd manages payments with their Customers for the use of the BSimple systems and Products.

Monthly Access Fees

MrSoftware Pty Ltd will automatically raise an invoice for your month in advance fees on the 1st of each calendar month for the access fee specified in your subscription plus any consumption fees, such as unit prices for SMS and unit prices for excess orders.

This invoice amount will then be charged to your credit card at the time of raising the invoice.

First Month

In your first month, once you complete the subscription upgrade in the BSimple portal, you will be charged any setup fees plus a pro-rata amount for the remaining calendar month. The pro-rata amount will be calculated based on your monthly access fee / 31 * remaining calendar days.

Payment Declines

If any charge raised by MrSoftware on your account, collected from your stored card is declined by our merchant, we will give you 48hrs grace to rectify the issue and re-instruct us to charge your card again. This process will be from the subscription management page in the portal.

Failure To Make Payment

If payment is not received 48 hrs after the invoice date, your administration users will be suspended from general system use, and will be restricted to navigating to the subscription page so payment details can be rectified and submitted.

During the suspension period, your end customer order links will still function and any orders will be collected and stored as per normal. The order information will be redacted from the emails until payment is made.

We will offer a grace period for the suspension period of 14 days. At 14 days, your entire account will be suspended including the customer order links.

At one calendar month of unpaid invoice, the system will automatically disable the entire account and archive it. Accounts that are suspended can be restored from archive at a one off cost of $250 ex GST.