Xero Integration

The fourth industrial revolution has brought for technological advancements that have changed the way businesses have been conducted for many decades. It has chucked out all the old norms and methods for conducting business and brought in ideas that have transformed the world around us.

The new innovative solutions have not only caused disruption for brick and mortar stores but has changed the way customers interact with businesses as well. With rapid deployment of new software tools and applications it has kept organizations on their toes to keep up.

Now it wouldn’t be an understatement that more and more small to mid range businesses are adopting strategies and methodologies that have brought success to big companies, for them to scale with as well.

The benefits of implementing cloud services and solutions hasn’t been ignored by small businesses either and it shouldn’t; for the pros outweigh the minimal cons.

Whether you’re in telecom, retail, E-commerce or run a franchise, running your business through the cloud isn’t a luxury but a necessity.

As a franchise owner you’re looking for solutions that’ll help boost the productivity of your employees, reduce operational cost, allow for real-time updates, and will safeguard data. What could be a more optimal and efficient solution than shifting to the cloud?

And how does adopting a digital strategy for your Franchise backed by a complete cloud enterprise solution, sound when it comes packed all in one? It isn’t a fantasy but a reality and it is called Bsimple.

Made from the collective experience of software developers, accountants, sales experts, marketing gurus and seasoned entrepreneurs, Bsimple is the end to end, cloud-based solution that will automate every mundane task that takes too much time and needs to be automated, while living up in the Cloud.

I don’t have to spell it out the amount of blood, sweat and tears it takes to get a business running off the ground. It isn’t easy and in our current landscape of uncertainty and rapid change, there are only so many companies that can survive the cutthroat competition.

This isn’t meant to scare you, but to show you a reality of the hustle that comes along with running a successful, long term business that intends to grow. And so a smart strategy is to adopt and deploy tools and technologies that help your business grow actively and passively.

Bsimple aims at automating those boring, everyday admin tasks that take up too many hours when they can be done in a few seconds through automation. I’m talking about letting you receive, review, approve a customer order within seconds and let you resume more important tasks.

Having your business processes implemented and stored on the cloud doesn’t only allow for easy access for all your employees wherever they are, it also allows you to scale your business in increments without incurring tons of upfront costs.

What is more, your channels for communication are streamlined in one place that will only increase productivity and decrease miscommunication and confusion, which often happen with a growing business.

With Bsimple your stock is managed through AI that keeps you updated with stock take, manages invoices, and keeps all purchases in order so you don’t have to keep tack every single day. Each customer also gets their own dedicated link through which they can place orders have customised view of the products, and you can tailor the pricing for each item according to different clients.

The cloud solution also comes with Xero integration – the accounting software lauded by accounting experts around the globe – and it makes Bsimple; the “be all, end all” solution for your franchise.

Bsimple, doesn’t just automate the mundane boring tasks that occur in the daily operations of a franchise but it also keeps track of stock orders, new customer leads, invoice handling through Xero, and handling all pricing variances without you having to interfere constantly.

This is great when you have a growing franchise and need a platform from where you can control all information online without having to manually take updates from different franchisees or take daily input on their operations.

There are many aspects of running a franchise that you need to pay attention to, many decisions to be made, strategies to be implemented on scaling, so why not opt for a Cloud Solution that gives you back tons of hours that you can use in those avenues.

Bsimple is here to make your life easy, the Cloud solution offers an all in one package that can elevate your business to reach new heights of success, through automation, AI, and customisation for each client.

With a Cloud solution you’ll be cutting down on the cost of maintaining IT systems that take up a huge chunk of the cash reservoir going into the upkeep and annual maintenance of these systems as well.

The extra staff that will be needed to manage these IT systems and the energy consumption can all be eliminated through Bsimple’s Cloud solution suitable for franchises and small businesses, in any niche or industry.

But the biggest benefit of opting for a Cloud solution is the convenience it provides when you’re thinking of scaling up your business. There is no guessing at what new trends this digital age will bring but the Cloud is here to stay and for good reason.

With so many benefits and perks, adoption towards a more digital strategy has been made easy for many business owners and companies, and Bsimple helps you in every way possible. It is the all rounded digital solution for any business to flourish.

If you’re a business or franchise looking to grow and need help with your business operations, look no further than Bsimple and the solution it provides. You can contact me today to discuss how it can fit in your environment and the different plans that are available.


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