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One of the main costs that are incurred by any running business is mostly related to poor inventory management.

Whether you’re running a single product supply or manage a multi-facility warehouse there are many expenses that can be saved if proper inventory management techniques are kept in place.

The goal is to be able to identify and cut down those expenses that occur from manually entering data, too many inventory write-offs or the biggest culprit of all; ordering more stock than required.

So what is the solution that can help streamline the Inventory Management for your business and help save a lot of money that can be budgeted for other pressing areas and teams?

Well, Bsimple offers a fully automated solution that will help you tackle all the problematic issues you have regarding Inventory management while cutting down on costs.

The team at Bsimple consists of experts coming from a range of industries with skills in Software development, Sales Marketing, entrepreneurs who came together to automate the mundane tasks of managing a business so you don’t get bored or lose hope.

Let’s face it! Running a business in this age is no child’s play. With the technological landscape and customer needs and wants, changing at rapid speeds it is hard to keep up, let alone be on top of it.

But a good business plans ahead of time and keeps systems in place that allows it to prepare for any uncertainty or shift in customer needs. However, at the root of this planning lies good inventory management techniques that make sure your business deliver when others can’t.

So how does Bsimple fit it?

Well, the platform offers you a one stop solution through which you not only will you be on top of your inventory game – which we’ll explain in detail – but it offers you other services as well including:

  • Customised dedicated portals for you clients
  • Complete integration with Xero – the best accounting software out there.
  • Direct invoicing through Xero.
  • A business process for gaining new leads, converting them into clients, setting pricing all through one platform.
  • Customising pricing for each client
  • Managing and updating different pricing on the go, purchase orders and more directly through Xero.
  • All this is provided through a single platform on the cloud. 

And of course the most important feature for which you’ve clicked here, the automated stock management process completely customised according to your needs.

No matter which industry you’re in whether it is retail, e-commerce, telecom, food business or an independent business owner, you get to customise the Bsimple Platform according to your needs and businesses process, so that your eco-system is not affected.

The Stock Management feature comes powered with AI driven processes that gives insight when to order more inventory that helps you avoid over stocking. Similarly, you can manage ordering more stock in batches as well which is great when the cash flow isn’t balanced.

There are so many repetitive tasks that you, as  a business owner have to handle each day, and if you can automate any of those just imagine the amount of time you’ll be saving each day that can be utilised to pay attention at other aspects of your business.

No one said running a business would be easy, and each day you’ll have to make decisions that can affect your long term goals to keep your business afloat and scale it large, one day.

At Bsimple, we’ve been through all those trials and hurdles, and you know when a solution is coming from a place of experience that will improve efficiency, streamlines business processes and save operational costs from areas you thought couldn’t be cut.

That is why Bsimple is the only platform that will deliver results through automation and AI driven stock management, but there is more.

When you have tons of customers placing orders you don’t want to be person they have to contact each time and add the extra burden of having to keep track of every order placed or delivered. You want to have a dedicated place where they can drop their requests, it can be processed, and you can be reminded without having to interfere in any phase of the customer ordering lifecycle.

Bsimple lets you create a dedicated link for customers that they can access, generate invoice, and see the products you have allowed. Each dedicated link can be personalised according to the prices and product ranges you wish for them to see.

This is ideal if you’re dealing with a whole spectrum of customers that need different options and can’t be handed a single view. So you’re saving not only their time but yours as well.

The time saving aspect is what excites me the most about the Bsimple solution. Imagine the hours you can save through the AI driven Stock Management solution that gets a new customer order, which you can review, approve, complete all within less than 20 seconds.

You’re saving hours with only that 20 second time frame that are crucial and vital for any small to medium business that is growing. The new leads you can pursue, the different products you can brainstorm and the new strategies you can come up with those saved hours will be a game changer for your business to step up to new levels of success.

There is no denying how important it is to have a smart solution in place to manage your stock, no matter how much you’re selling, delivering to customers on time and not having to make them wait is crucial.

Good customer service is what defines the reputation and brand of any company and with Bsimple not only will Stock be managed smartly but it will make sure your brand image is pristine as well, so that success is guaranteed in all avenues that your business explores. Get started with Bsimple today with a plan that is tailored to your needs.


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