As a business owner, if I were to ask you what challenges you are facing on a daily basis, I’m sure I can narrow them down to one recurring theme. What is it you ask? Well its plain simple: repetitiveness and better management.

I know those are two different issues but they create the same problem of redundant tasks. It isn’t easy running a business in today’s technology powered world where communication and transactional challenges are still being refined and improved upon.

What we’ve often found is that, business owners can easily hold on to too much. Too often, business owners forget that the purchasing decision starts and ends with the Customer. This is where Bsimple’s dedicated Customer Ordering Portal helps – by allowing customers freedom to buy what they need, when they need it, and allowing an automated system to handle inventory and invoicing for them. This is what Bsimple does, in providing Customers real leverage to do what’s best for them.

If you’re a small business looking to scale you can’t go investing it high end business tools or software and expecting an overnight miracle whereby all your business and operational process can be streamlined. Most of these tools are made, keeping in view the scale of their targeted audience and if you’re still in the growing phase, it will be more of an added burden than relief.

So, it wouldn’t make sense buying different online resources and figuring out what is compatible and what is not. Such move may require for you to re-design your entire business eco-system which can further cause delay in daily operations, may lead to clients leaving and a whole mish-mash of unforeseen roadblocks that could have been avoided.

The real question is how do you leverage available technology to increase sales, find potential leads, onboard new clients and be one step ahead of your Stock Management? Most importantly, how do you avoid the challenges of repeatedly ordering more stock than required, and find a system that’ll predict the optimal time to place new orders that won’t leave your accounting books in disorder.

Would you believe me if I told you there is a solution, on the cloud, powered by AI that’ll not only provide automated reminders for Stock management, but forecast replenishments for customers all at one place through simple clicks, and give you painless book-keeping?

Well, you better trust me, because Bsimple provides all those features and more, that’ll make running a business a long-term goal, with minimal hiccups along the way. It is a solution developed by myself over many years of collaboration with accountants, sales, marketing, entrepreneurs, as well as my own consulting experience, to save the time and cost spent on performing mundane tasks.

Bsimple is the product of countless professionals, like me, being tired of performing the same boring admin tasks over and over again while using cloud computing to automate everyday operations.

As an Administrator, Bsimple, with it’s AI Driven Stock Management capabilities, helps with deciding when to purchase more stock if required, which can also be managed in batches. However many Customer orders a business might process each day, Bsimple helps produce a calculated list of items that needs to be ordered, whilst also providing insights for improvement with your fulfilment.

Not only does it make running a business easy, but also provides integration with Xero to make sure that all the finances are streamlined as well. Integration with Xero makes Bsimple a game changer, as this accounting application has been lauded by accountants around the world for making book-keeping painless and saving you the extra bucks that would’ve been spent on hiring an accountant or outsourcing your financial upkeep. Similarly, all invoices, purchase orders, and any variance in pricing due to continuous changes are directly handled by Xero.

But there is more, I mentioned above how one of the biggest challenges you’ll face in running your business long term are the repetitive tasks, be it in the form of developing customised processes or soldiering through repetitive ordering issues, that keep you running in circles. With Bsimple, you’ve got a single platform where the business process for customer ordering is unique and customisable. You can give each customer their own view through a dedicated customer ordering portal.

From a time saving point of view and ease of operating, a business owner could be focused in one area of the business, see a new Order come through, and be able to jump into Bsimple to quickly review, approve, print, fulfill, then go back to what they were focused on. And all it took that business owner was 15 seconds. It’s that straight forward.

Moreover, product visibility is completely up to you and can be restricted or updated from client to client, via Bsimple’s provisioning of a secure dedicated link for the customer ordering portal. But, how will Bsimple assist you when your order backlog is full of customer orders and you don’t have clear visibility regarding your Stock?

It is an implicit understanding that clients decide whether your business stays in profit or not, so any late deliveries or ineffective communication can easily become the Achilles heel of any company. Not only will it affect brand reputation but lead to decrease in sales as well.

By staying one step ahead with your Stock Management you can prepare for all worst-case scenarios. Bsimple’s AI driven stock management system gives you all the tools needed to keep inventory, make purchase orders only when required and make it quick. It is a lifesaver when you’re stuck handling 10 different issues that need your immediate attention and action.

From my personal journey as a business owner, I know how time consuming and stress inducing running a business can be especially if you aim at breaking even and becoming profitable within the first year. It is imperative that you know what tools can help you to take care of tasks and operations that are nothing but time consuming.

Bsimple’s solution has worked for many industries, whether you provide services in telecommunications, run an online retail shop or provide services in a different niche, Bsimple’s easy to use software can be implemented in any business eco-system.

Register a Bsimple account, import your inventory, create dedicated ordering portals for your customers, and simply allow Bsimple to intelligently manage your Customer’s desire to draw down on inventory and support self-serve requirements with billing.

With Xero Integration, AI-Driven Stock management and customisable pricing for clients, it is the solution that’ll help boost your sales and scale your business higher. The ease of operations, a dedicated customer portal and clear product visibility will allow for a stronger business relationship with potential leads or existing clients.

If you’re still here and want to know more, get in touch with the team at Bsimple to discuss a plan that works for your business, helps you grow exponentially and guarantee success in your domain.


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