In response to the challenge we all face from the pandemic that is Coronavirus, we have decided to offer anyone who is interested a special deal on BSimple.

BSimple is a software platform that will enable you to start selling products to your customers as quickly as possible. It integrates with Xero, is designed for a delivery style business and solves the challenge of inviting your customers to order from you frequently through SMS and Email reminders direct to your customers – no passwords required.

Really, it’s software to help automate collecting orders from customers and pushing them out to invoices – and everything in between. Look here for some info on our Automation: https://bsimple.com.au/#automation and here for some detail on the actual features here: https://bsimple.com.au/#features and finally – who is David? Read here: https://bsimple.com.au/#about

In an effort to help everyone in this challenging time, we are giving away the Business plan (normally $150/month) to anyone who is legitimately being affected by Coronavirus, or anyone who is wanting to start a delivery style section of their business. No catches, no special terms or conditions, honestly just looking to help some people out right now. Once things calm down and if you think there is value in what I provide then you can start sorting out something with me.

Just signup for a trial account – and send me an email or give me a call and I’ll upgrade you.


Reach me on david @ gosimple.com.au (remove spaces) or 1300 980 598


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