Whether you’re a small business or have made it big in your niche, ensuring a steady cash flow and managing expenses is the key to keeping your business afloat. To make matters easier, technology has helped make accounting not a nightmare of numbers and equations but convey the health of your business.

There have been many tools that have served this purpose, but none better than Xero; an accounting software that helps you manage your finances through cloud computing. It has been described as the most beautiful software for accounting by experts in Finance as book-keeping becomes painless, inventory of stock becomes manageable, and reminders are automated for invoice.

One of the greatest features of Xero is its compatibility with a wide range of products and I have made sure that it works seamlessly with Bsimple as well.

I have first-hand experience of time being wasted, in repeating the same old, redundant tasks, when your backlog of pending issues is ever increasing, and you can’t keep it under control. If you’re already using Xero for managing your finances then that is great, but what about the other aspects of running a successful business?

When is the right time to purchase more stock? How do you manage different customer needs? How can you better reach out to your targeted audience? What methods can you use to increase sales? And lastly, but more importantly how do you assure that the customer’s experience while ordering will be seamless?

These are the many question that you as a business owner, whether small or medium, e-commerce or affiliate site, corporate or a start-up, or even a new time entrepreneur will have to figure out sooner or later, as I did in my journey.

However, sooner the better!

This is where Bsimple steps in and makes running a business, simply simple. As a group of people coming from different avenues be it sales, software development, marketing, or entrepreneurs, the individual experiences has lead to a collective solution in the form of Bsimple that solves all the questions you will have when it comes to growing your business.

Now, you don’t want to go spending thousands of dollars purchasing highly advanced software applications hoping it will boost sales, do better stock management, and make book-keeping painless, when you’re still growing as a small business.

In order to create an online eco-system that works well for your company and its requirements, Bsimple has the right solution for you. Whether you’re in telecommunications, retail, or running your own e-commerce site, Bsimple has already been deployed in all these industries and proving to be efficient.

So instead of worrying about finding the best software that’ll make you adopt to its way of working rather the other way around, Bsimple’s easy to use, seamless, automated platform is your best bet of not letting those subscription bills for different resources climb up high.

Now, you may be wondering but how will Bsimple solve my Stock Management problems, increase sales, and provide a great customer ordering experience? Well first up all those boring, repetitive tasks that suck all your creative juices right out, are automated with the Bsimple platform. Similarly, AI backed algorithms make sure to remind you to buy stock only when its time!

But the best feature of Bsimple is that it provides Xero integration, so you won’t need to go reading the guidebook and searching up how to set it up with your current online eco-system. You can customise not only the customer’s view of what they can see and what prices they view but you can issue a dedicated line for them as well.

And if you’re worrying about invoices or setting up a business process for making new leads or gaining new clients it is all easily customisable. After all the data has been collected and sorted, you can convert the lead to client with only a click, and send all the pricing related issues straight to Xero.

You won’t have to interfere one bit and can be rest assured.

The integration with Xero provides a great proposition for buying a Bsimple plan as you’re not looking only towards increase in your client leads and sale, but there will be an increase in Xero utilisation as well. With Xero, book-keeping will become painless, and ease accounting tasks for any business, tremendously.

Finances are the core of any business, making sure that the cash flow is managed properly in the digital world requires solutions that are innovative and supportable in different environments. Maintaining your business eco-system and ensuring new software integrate easily will streamline the daily operations of any company.

With Bsimple, you’re looking towards outcomes that result in increase of sales, increase of utilisation of Xero and painless book-keeping because you’re saving not only saving time with most of your redundant tasks being automated, you’re also saving money. The cost of time and resources saved add up in the long run, and to manage any profitable business long term goals are just as important as short term goals.

It doesn’t take fancy, expensive degrees or hiring business coaches to learn what the best practices can be for you and your business. Bsimple makes sure that it aligns according to your business process, quarterly goals, and gives you the freedom to customise all pricing for customers, Stock Management, and invoices to your requirements.

With the Xero Integration you’re looking at saving those many accountant fees that are billed by the hour, when Bsimple provides integration when you purchase a plan with us. No matter what your niche is or what industry you’re disrupting in, keeping your books sorted from the get go will make scaling your business to new levels that much easier.

Try Bsimple for FREE today, or get in touch with myself to discuss it more. There are plans for companies in every point in their growth cycle that’ll provide the best possible solutions.


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