Coffee Roaster Shopify Integration

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BSimple Integrates and Automates your Shopify Sales Channel

Plug your inventory management system straight into Shopify and start tracking your orders today! No more end of week reconciliations and adjustments, do it on the fly as you track your orders in BSimple.

BSimple integrates with Shopify through webhooks. This allows BSimple to collect the details of the order from Shopify and the Invoice details from Xero. Once integrated, BSimple will just present a screen which gives a listing of the Shopify orders that have not been fulfilled. It will allow you to print the delivery slip and co-ordinate the shipping (with a supported supplier if the integration has been completed). Once you have completed the pick and pack process, you can approve the order as a shopify order. The BSimple platform will then remove the relevant items from the inventory and mark the order as processed. How simple is that?

This process when described like this seems obvious and necessary, but integrating Shopify + Xero + Inventory management is no easy feat – that is likely why you are here reading this.

BSimple can do it. Simple as that.

The process to get started is signup with BSimple, upgrade to a paid subscription and integrate Xero.

Once Xero is integrated you’ll be able to setup the additional integration with Shopify by simply authorising the integration and copying the webhooks URL into Shopify.


You guys make it sound easy, why is that?

The core developer behind BSimple is also a business person, and has spent the last 15 years jumping between business owner and operator and software developer. This gives an extremely unique perspective on what software can achieve and how business processes should be used to shape software and system outcomes.

Whilst the integrations are not simple – using the software should be and this is what we strive for at BSimple.

Can we extend the software to do more?

Yes, of course. We offer customisations for clients who require it. Get in touch today and let us know what you would like to do and we will do it!